Premium Nepal

Frequently Asked Question

How do we proceed?

  • You can select the product you needed.
  •  It will be added in your cart. 
  • Just simply checkout from the cart. 
  • After that you’ll see the modes of payment, Place the order
  • Pay us  via any of those modes and send screenshot of payment  in viber/messenger/instagram/whatsapp.
  •  We will mail you the account details/gift card in your email which will be provided while checkout process within 5 mins to 12 hours. 


 Is all account legit and comes with warranty? 

  •  Yes 100%. All accounts provided comes with the warranty  and duration details. It is legit and most of the accounts will be  in your own emails. 
  • We will always be here for our customers to serve them throughout the account validity journey .

Can we order from social media too ? 

Yes you can order from faacebook page and instagram page. Link of  facebook  page and instagram page is  in the home page of our website. 

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